Discrepant: inconsistent; conflicting; at variance [from Latin discrepāns, from discrepāre to differ in sound, from dis-1 + crepāre to be noisy]

Discrepant is a record label, founded in London in 2011. Our aim is to deconstruct, distort and re-assemble the lore of (un)popular music around the world.

Our titles are distributed internationally by Cargo Records, A-Musik in Germany and Forced Exposure in the United States. You can buy our physical releases from most independent record stores, and our digital releases from iTunes, Boomkat, Bleep and all good digital retailers. See distribution section for more information.

Alternatively, you can buy our physical releases directly from us, via the Discrepant mailorder, and our digital releases from our Bandcamp page. We also stock releases from artists our labels we love. See Other labels section for more information.

Discrepant accepts demos. If you wish to submit one, please do so by simply emailing a stream or download link to info@discrepant.net. We endeavour to listen to all submissions, but regretfully we only have time to respond to those in which we are especially interested.