Kink Gong - Imer Zeillos : Asian Variations for Saz, Cura and Tanbur CREP37


Release date 17th February 2017

Discrepant presents another unique document of Kink Gong's aka Laurent Jeanneau's collection of surreal soundscapes of augmented field recordings, this time using two very different source recordings to create his own unique brand of alien music.

Using contact mic recordings of various turkish instruments, Saz, Cura and Tanbur (played by Remi Solliez), Laurent Jeanneau alchemically collages them with his archival recordings of South East Asia to create a surreal space between the instrument's tones and resonances with the other-worldly beauty of the field recordings .

Another outernational collection of this unique and uncompromising artist.

***digital download (LP bundle or stand alone) come with an exclusive mix 'The Making of Imer Zeillos'' by Kink Gong, featuring outakes and unreleased cuts. Exclusive to discrepant mail order sales & bandcamp***


  1. La grue blanche déploie ses ailes
  2. Reculer et repousser le singe
  3. Caresser un cheval
  4. Le coq d’or se tient sur une patte
  5. Comme un éventail se rétracte
  6. Saisir l’aiguille au fond de la mer
  7. Le double vent traverse les oreilles
  8. The Making of Imer Zeillos (exclusive mix)

Pressing Information

Mastered & Cut at Dubplate @ Mastering by Rashad Becker
Released on 17th February 2017