Cédric Stevens - Stardust/Monsoon Loop CREP05


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Psychotropic drone-drifts from Cédric Stevens.

''This is swirling, creaking, droney celestial ambience, with the guitar sounds smudged and stretched and layered for an immersive, ethereal wall of tone, and it’s quite lovely in a Windy & Carl-meets-Grouper kind of way.'' (Norman Records)

''Monsoon Loop,” is convinced it’s from space, and I believe it.'' (Gumshoe)


  1. A1-Stardust
  2. B1-Monsoon Loop

Pressing Information

70g vinyl, 250 copies, hand numbered and with artwork by Greek artist Vassilis Economidis
Cover picture by Cédric Hellemans.
7'' Vinyl