Kink Gong - Music is Not a Copy (CS60) SUC10


A companion piece to Kink Gong latest double LP, Dian Long (CREP53).

On Music is Not a Copy Kink Gong turns crystal pop into syrup musak, a skippy glitch digital re-configuration of Chinese popular music, sounding like a broken unrelenting CD player under Beijing's main underpass. We can't think of anyone else making music like this, being it destructive or celebratory, dive in, never come back.


  1. Music is not a copy
  2. Clicskipvoice
  3. Organ noise
  4. School beat
  5. Dechirure
  6. Kwai
  7. Shanghai rain
  8. Xiang
  9. Slowstretch
  10. Baosha
  11. 2000
  12. Intelsunthetic

Pressing Information

200 units
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