Typhonian Highlife - World of Shells K091


Typhonian Highlife is the new moniker of Spencer Clark.

Clark is the ultimate shape shifter, a trickster continuously mutating from a sci-fi hero, into a mystic guru or into a speculative visionary. As Typhonian Highlife he assimilates juxtapositions of the natural world and fantastic technology to reanimate the manneristic tradition. His compositions envision possible futures and speculative pasts. They imagine a new vision upon mankind, as a mythical underwater creature who creates meaning through a prosaic mysticism.

His latest record, "The World Of Shells" works as an dream expedition that has overflowed itself into real time. Through continual material-world visualization a technological nature music unfolds as series of movements outlining the existence of Mythological African creature. Travelling through Hollywood, Hanging Rock, Australia, and The Ear of Dionysus in Sicily the creature was placed, and has enacted a music and art form that explores a sci-fi aquatic and wind-blown desert fusion to uncover the life and wanderings of this non-material being.

1. Chitahoori Training Tape 02:43
2. The Startled Gaze Of The Chitahoori 02:46
3. Nyangani Warp Speeds 03:13
4. Symphosodon Nasty Boys 03:23
5. Nano-Zootypes In A Tenctonese Exhibition Tank 07:08
6. Wah Wah Day Gecko Gecco 03:39
7. Zenith Umbaba-Xeno 02:13
8. Oracle Of Egret 15:05

Written, performed & produced by Spencer Clark

Pressing Information

Artwork by Spencer Clark
Mastering by Christophe Albertijn
500 copies