Gonzo - Samboia Kanguik CREPT18


90 minutes of gonzo weirdness pressed across two slabs of red tape.

A departure of sorts for Gonzo, whilst still maintaining his signature dusty collage style, the emphasis is now on voice processing along with field recs and his unusual dustbin compositions.

Distorted childhood memories brush shoulders (and knees) with various psychedelic gurus' quotes, fabricated dreams are reassembled on the fly. Kanguick is a 90min low key journey through the melted corridors of Gonzo's mind - Samboia Kanguick being the name of his childhood imaginary friend, an almighty person/creature capable of everything, but mostly nothing.

Composed and assembled by Gonzo, on the move between 2015 and 2016

Artwork collage by Portuguese artist Ruca Bourbon

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Pressing Information

Double Cassette, red tinted, no label
One off tape edition of 50