My Cat Is An Alien & Cédric Stevens - Abstract Expressionism For The Ears OPX-037


Dreamy architectures of sounds, floating sculptures of abstract drones and cannibal noise, modal piano, ancestral strings and electronic futurism, celestial music of the Spheres, imbued with impressive textures of vocal exorcisms by Roberto Opalio.

Side A. Tasting The New Ether (22:25)
Side B. Intersection Of Shadows (25:04)
Side C. When The Sun Goes Down There’s Nothing Left To Tune - part I (19:14)
Side D. When The Sun Goes Down There’s Nothing Left To Tune - part II (17:31)
Side E. Shifting At Zero Gravity (25:02)
Side F-1. The Ineffable Call Of Tomorrow (14:46)
Side F-2. Just A Tone Of White Over Blue (4:36)

"In February 2014 brothers Maurizio and Roberto Opalio aka My Cat Is An Alien recorded a long studio session in Brussels with Belgian electronic composer and recent Fennesz collaborator Cédric Stevens (aka Acid Kirk)" - THE WIRE

"[...] subtly blooming tone fields that build to the kind of beautifully vibrating monoliths that would reconcile the percussive American fantasias of Harry Partch and Moondog with the gravity devouring industrial force of Kluster. Repeating tones give the set the feel of a heady modern minimalist working but with a klanging Neubauten edge, with ringing tones and voids of blistering feedback suspended over deep pools of pitch black electricity. Long, multi-movement tracks allow for full tonal immersion. Set the controls for the heart of the sun! Highly recommended." - DAVID KEENAN / Volcanic Tongue

Pressing Information

3xLP Vinyl