Posted on August 3rd, 2015

We're currently away... on the move... looking for new sounds and can't come to the phone right now...

The shop will remain active for all your needs and the discrepant releases will keep coming while we're away. 

You can still order directly from us BUT will have to wait until October when we're back to physically ship your order, think of it as everything on Pre-Order. Waiting is good, like slow food it sounds better...

If you can't wait you can order your Vinyl via CARGO Records and our releases are well distributed to shops and distris around the world (check our distribution section).

If its just tapes you're after, you can check with our exclusive tape distributors, A-Musik in Germany, Experimedia in the US and Meditations in Japan. 

Drop us a line if there's something you can't find. 

We won't be long, we promise.